Archaeo tour Alghero

We propose archaeological itineraries to offer travellers a unique perspective of Sardinia, ancient and modern. A wealth of archaeological sites set in stunning locations reveal the myth and history of the Island and its incredible prehistoric and historic realities.

Sardinia is famous for its extraordinary archaeology. The most mysterious periods are the Pre-Nuragic and the Nuragic, which left behind incredible evidence of their civilisation: not just Nuraghe, that is, but also giants’ tombs, sacred springs, and Domus de Jana.

  • ♦ We start the tour from Anghelu Ruju, the second-biggest underground necropolis in Sardinia. It was excavated beginning in the third millennium BC and it has been used up to the Roman period.

  • ♦ Then, we jump into the Nuragic period, walking inside the Palmavera village, situated inside the majestic scenario of the Porto Conte Regional Park. The village was developed in 1500 BC and includes a closed Nuraghe, circumscribed by a large barbican, and a village with about fifty huts. On the site, new excavations discovered new details of the prehistoric population that inhabited the village.

  • ♦ To complete this magnificent itinerary, we'll visit the megalithic complex of Monte Baranta located on a plateau from which a vast territory could be controlled. The presence of an imposing defensive wall, the remains of huts and a sacred area represented by a megalithic circle, give us a cross-section of the civil, military and religious life of the pre-Nuragic era.
    To reach the archaeological site of Monte Baranta, we will do a short hike along the edges of the plateau, enjoying a magnificent view of the agricultural landscape up to the sea of Alghero.



  • ◊ Point of departure: Alghero.

  • ◊ Duration: 5 hours, from 3:00 to 8:00 pm.

  • ◊ Difficulty: none. The hike to Monte Barante is 720 m in length with a height difference of 40 m.

  • ◊ Cost: 55 € per person. Minimum number 4 people.

  • ◊ What is included: transport, tickets and guide (English and Italian speaking).

  • ◊ Off-road vehicle: Land Rover Defender 110, 9 seats; Mitsubishi Outlander, 7 seats. Air conditioning.

    NB - The sanitization of off-road vehicles and equipment will be carried out after each excursion with specific products and with the use of ozonizers. These devices produce ozone saturating the vehicle. Click here for further details.

  • ◊ Recommended equipment: closed-toe gym or hiking shoes.





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